The Executive Injectables Program by Dr. Daniel Yamini
Facial injections for Professionals & Executives

Dr Yamini

Board Certifed
Plastic Surgeon
Los Angeles



Award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Yamini, cofounder of Sunset Cosmetic Surgery, stands out among many in Los Angeles, CA for his attention to detail and quest to achieve the most natural looking results for his patients. As a double board certified surgeon, Dr. Yamini has performed over 6,000 cosmetic procedures to date, and has been recognized with multiple Patients Choice Awards, two Compassionate Doctor nods from, and has appeared several times on the Southern California Super Doctors list (2012, 2013). Dr. Yamini has been featured multiple times in the Consumers’ Research Council of America’s Guide to America’s Top Plastic Surgeons and Guide to America’s Top Surgeons.

Dr. Yamini is among the most sought-after plastic surgeons in Los Angeles for natural-looking facial injections. He is also one of very few board certified plastic surgeons who does all his own injections and does not allow any nurses or associates to evaluate or inject any of his patients. His practice is among the top 1% of all injectors in the nation according to statistics provided by Allergan Corporation, the makers of Botox and Juvederm, and the new revolutionary filler, Voluma.

The Executive Program: Dr. Yamini's Philosophy

"The fastest growing area of my practice are referrals from many physicians and other professionals with a desire to rejuvenate their face without surgery. Many successful professionals work in stressful and competitive fields. From attorneys and CEOs, to entrepreneurs and VPs, this demanding lifestyle can take its toll on the face, causing a 'tired,' 'upset', 'sad', or 'stressed' look."

"Even though my patients feel at the top of their game, these facial features can affect how others perceive their strengths or competitive edge. Many of our executives and professional clients are competing with younger coworkers in their industry. None of these patients want to look 'done' or 'fake.' The feedback I get most often is that my clients simply want to look refreshed, energized, rested, and above all, NATURAL. Executives work with many discriminating clients and may lose their confidence or business if they look 'fake or unnatural.' Facial surgery is often not an option for many of these patients because of the down time required, and the invariable possibility that they could look artificial."

View Before & After Photos of some of Dr. Yamini's iInjectable patients.

The Executive Program Approach

The first step is to listen to the patient's unique goals and desires specific to their work or lifestyle. Based on that I will recommend a treatment plan that involves the safest, simplest and most sustainable treatment program to achieve the desired goals. Surgery is usually the last option and rarely recommended in this program.

This is where the true art of injectibles comes in. Dr Yamini specializes in using injectibles in a way that no one should be able to tell you had any treatments. You simply should look healthy and well-rested, without anyone guessing what you had done. The results have to be subtle and improvements should be gradual enough that you do not suffer any down time or any obvious signs of cosmetic work. Initial treatments may take a couple of sessions but ultimately you will only need a few visits a year to maintain the natural results.

The ultimate goal is to give your face a more confident, pleasant, and refreshed "expression". After all, as professionals, the expression on our face is a direct reflection of our internal strengths and talent, as well as our outward success.

Money Back Guarantee: Dr. Yamini is so confident of his results that if you feel you have not benefited from a specific treatment, he will reverse the process and fully refund your money for that treatment.






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